Publish or perish: why print isn’t dead when it comes to marketing

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What lies behind the staying power of print? Here are some reasons why marketers should be open to bucking the digital trend.


Since the advent of the Internet, it’s become common practice for consumers to flock online to garner information as well as browse and buy products. However, while it’s true that most marketing has migrated to online platforms due to the lesser cost and higher reach, print hasn’t entirely disappeared—nor should it.

What lies behind the staying power of print? Here are some reasons why marketers should be open to bucking the digital trend:


Print extends your brand presence

Print marketing can help a brand stand out and, if it’s in line with their style, is a great way to enhance presence within the public eye. In the ever-cluttered digital advertising market, much online content goes unnoticed—such as all those promotional emails that are never opened, or the pop up banner adverts on a website that no one would ever think about clicking on.

However, print marketing can sidestep digital blind spots. Magazines, posters, flyers, billboards etc. add value and can help a brand get noticed in a more authentic way. They often appear in quieter spaces, while getting a haircut and reading a magazine or seeing a billboard when waiting for a bus—in other words, print is more likely to have the consumer’s full attention.

Embrace the creative license offered

In creating a piece of print such as a magazine or flyer, a brand can flex its creativity and grasp the opportunity for brand extension. They are becoming like small creative agencies themselves in the competition to create the most compelling campaigns and stand out in the crowded world of advertising. This challenge drives brands to better themselves, get resourceful and think outside the box—an excellent exercise for any marketer.

As well as this, in getting creative with print, such as an informative magazine with targeted content, brands have the chance to further build a relationship and bond with the community they serve.

Print is more likely to have the consumer’s full attention

It’s easier to target your audience

Cutting through the chaos of online advertising to reach a particular audience can be tricky; knowledge about where your customers regularly visit and trust and when the advertisement might be most effective is required.

Print marketing can be a very efficient way to reach your client base as it offers the chance to target a relevant audience at a relevant time; imagine posters for a vitamin drink that quells fatigue on the commuter route or flyers for a new play on a seat at the theatre.

Print offers what technology can’t

Somewhat surprisingly, print is a strangely convenient medium—it’s portable, never runs out of battery and doesn’t require Wi-Fi, meaning there are moments during everyone’s day when print is the only available entertainment.

The link between tangibility and memory

There’s something about the physicality of print—the feel of the stock, the gloss of images, the sheen of ink—that holds sensory appeal. People inevitably look at things that are placed into their hands, as there is literal weight to the advert. It’s much trickier to do this with digital advertising as you’re limited to sight and sometimes sound. Luxury consumers particularly value tangible advertisements, placed in glossy magazines and publications that hold a certain cachet.

When online, consumers have lower attention spans, often not staying on a website longer than a few seconds. However, tangibility encourages information retention so advertising messaging is more likely to be remembered by the recipient.

Magazines are more popular than ever

As discussed in our other blog, The renaissance of the printed magazine, the last decade has seen magazine publishing thrive. In the current market, when newspapers, radio and music are becoming virtually free, magazine prices are climbing. Cost naturally adds value to a product and invariably creates a higher level of engagement.

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