Why interactive storytelling is the future of content marketing


Interactive storytelling achieves more in market for all subject matter, and creative communication works for any audience.

The marketplace for content marketing is always crowded with continuous competition for customer attention. Commanding communication that cuts through the noise and stays in the mind of the collective sometimes seems like a gargantuan task and an unattainable ideal. To make an indelible mark in such a cutthroat space necessitates mind-blowing multimedia and extraordinary user experiences produced by creative technologists. Interactive storytelling adds a new dimension to your content and enables you to capitalise on the hi-tech opportunities available in the digital media universe.

What is interactive storytelling?

Interactive storytelling uses traditional multimedia elements—words, images, videos—and harnesses web technologies to fuse them into an immersive and outstanding online experience, allowing the audience to interact with the content. 

The New York Times brought interactive storytelling, graphics and multimedia to the mainstream via Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek which creatively chronicled the harrowing story of skiers trapped in an avalanche. Following its launch in the first week alone, it received over 3.5 million page views alongside 2.9 million visitors, of which almost a third were new visitors. 

The Times created a one-of-a kind conversation, by utilising the skills of a dream team of multimedia specialists. The masses touched down onsite, and on arrival were so overawed they were left wanting more—which resulted in return visits, new customers and brand advocates for The Times website.

Why does interactive storytelling matter?

So, how do you pivot diminishing returns regarding keeping the attention of your audience? By incorporating interactive storytelling tools into whatever you publish. These tools will undoubtedly encourage engagement, intensify time spent onsite and increase social share rates. 

How can I incorporate interactive storytelling into my content marketing strategy? 

To stand out with your own interpretation on interactive storytelling, concentrate on key content that resonates with the aspirations, opportunities and challenges of your target audience. Give them meaningful insights they did not have before reading your content by harnessing the signature strengths and bespoke benefits that interactive storytelling gives you. 

How can I lengthen the life of my content interactively?

By developing a high-value piece of content alongside pieces that complement the story more graphically through interactive features. Video can be utilised lots of times in the same way by using the footage for GIFs, memes and stills. These strategies lengthen the life expectancy of your content with an improved ROI. 

How can I make my content stand out? 

One of the ways to content marketing success is differentiation. Distinguish which parts of your stories speak to your audience, then think of ways to persuade readers to dynamically participate as opposed to passively take in. Interactive content can incorporate assessments, brackets, contests, infographics, polls, and surveys.

It’s vital to make novel user experiences user-friendly. A thought-provoking, eye-catching online experience guarantees new customers will come in droves, but they won’t stick around for long if that innovative experience isn’t user-friendly. Long-term, users always aim for seamless navigation instead of complex visuals, motions and audio. Likewise, if you don’t create killer content, the bells and whistles of your interactive elements won’t matter.

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