What to write when you don’t know what to write about


It happens to even the best writers. One minute you’re going along, the words are flowing easily and you’re getting great responses to your content, the next minute you have no idea what to write. Don’t worry though, you aren’t out of ideas, you’re just experiencing a bit of writer’s block.

It’s perfectly natural for everyone to experience writer’s block at some point.

To help inspire your creative juices, get you to knock down that wall, and back to producing great content, here are some helpful tips on what to write about when you don’t know what to write.

Investigate content trends

There are several ways you can see what content is trending to get ideas for your own work. You can start by typing your keywords into a Facebook or Twitter search and see what types of articles people are sharing. You can also search Quora and see what questions people are asking about your product or services. Another way to get ideas is to create an account with a news aggregator like Feedly (Business2Community). Feedly lets you curate a news feed of articles relevant to your business so you can see what people are buzzing about.

Take format cues from successful content

Whether you are flipping through your favourite magazine or reading a blog, there are certain formats that are extremely popular. Thinking about these different formats can inspire a topic. So when you’ve run into writer’s block, consider what kind of subject matter you can write for such popular formats as listicles, how-to's, and interviews. You can also consider other content mediums such as photos, videos, and infographics. Incorporating these elements with some descriptive content can help you get over writer’s block. 

Revisit past content

Read through your old content and see what pieces garnered the most attention. From there you can expand on those topics. Write about something related or flesh out an idea in the post further. You can also turn your popular posts into a series and write a follow up article with more detail. Another idea is to offer a counter-perspective to your original post. You can also look at the comments section of your popular articles and look for any questions from your readers. You can then write content to specifically answer their questions. This not only helps you get past your writer’s block, but will also create a personal connection with your readers.

If these tips still can’t help you overcome your writer’s block, you can always outsource your content management to ALHAUS. Our experienced staff of writers and content strategists can help you come up with some great topics, flesh out some new ideas, and even contribute to your content stream. No matter how bad your writer’s block is, we can help you! So contact us today.