What is dynamic content and how can it boost conversions?

Image: Wendelin Jacober

Image: Wendelin Jacober


Content personalisation is the key to success in 2018. One of the most effective ways to tailor your content to the needs of your customers is by using dynamic content. Also referred to as  "adaptive" or “smart” content, dynamic content is a term for features on a website that change based on the interests or past behaviour of the viewers. Dynamic content creates an experience that's customized specifically for your visitor. 

Benefits of using dynamic content

Dynamic content takes a consumer’s behaviour and their position in the sales funnel to craft messages tailored directly to them. By personalising their experience, you create a stronger relationship with them. You will also better meet their needs. Other benefits of dynamic content include:

● The elimination of repeat conversations and offers new content for every visit
● Improves website navigation and allows loyal customers to skip unnecessary steps
● It is highly adaptive and can better target different personas and buying styles
● Supports consumer decision making and reduces abandoned carts

How does dynamic content boost conversion rates?

By offering a custom tailored content experience, you are also offering a higher level of customer service. Dynamic content helps nurture relationships by tailoring their shopping experience to their needs. This builds a form of rapport that builds loyalty and customer retention. All while fostering brand trust and repeat visits. It also helps support new relationships by offering welcome messaging and introductions. This leaves a positive brand impression and promotes product interest.

How to implement dynamic content

There are a variety of ways to implement dynamic content on your website. You can offer personalised content, enhance site search, and list page reordering (Kissmetrics). There are a variety of plug-ins, APIs, and CRM features that can support the implementation of dynamic content. What you decide to do is determined entirely by your unique business model.

At ALHAUS, we are content management experts. So we can help you transition from static content to dynamic content. Our team will work directly with you to identify your needs and create a comprehensive strategy for implementation. Contact us to learn more.