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Image courtesy of WeWork

Image courtesy of WeWork


Singapore is Southeast Asia’s glittering gem. Long a business and banking hub, this tiny nation is a front runner in the rapidly developing financial technology (FinTech) industry, consistently found near the top of ‘best city for business’ lists.

A city that prides itself on its outstanding quality of life, where people work hard and play hard, it is also the perfect location on the edge of Asia—with a high percentage of English speakers offering international companies a gateway to the region.

As it continues to thrive, a new wave of entrepreneurs and small businesses are competing with big multinationals and established companies for the limited office space available in this densely populated area of 722.5 km2. The costs of rents, wages and trying to maintain your space are high, pushing SMEs out of the city and causing them to lose out on the benefits of doing business in Singapore.

Recognising the need for affordable office space, global office management giants WeWork have nine hubs in the city. The Downtown Core, with its towering skyscraper office buildings, is home to five of their locations—giving members access to the city’s Central Business District (CBD) and all its benefits.

WeWork’s Robinson Road venue, housed over two floors, is bright and open plan with a bar serving beers both craftbrewed and mainstream. Community Manager Sheryl Soh explained that beer, tea, local micro-brew coffee and fruit water are freely flowing for members. Behind centrally-placed sofas are hot desks, comfortably seating six with plug points for charging devices. The overall effect is that of a relaxed café/ bar—with the added bonus of being open 24 hours, allowing people to work in different time zones with ease.

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