Top tips for improving your online accessibility


Every company needs to ensure that it takes the steps to reach the highest level of accessibility possible. The larger your reach, the more potential customers and clients you can draw into your business and transfer into conversions.

For many who are overseeing their web content management strategies, it’s often difficult to understand how to improve accessibility.

Understanding accessibility

Under EU law, it’s required that you make all of your online content accessible to people of all abilities. From those with visual or hearing impairments and beyond, it’s vital that you meet all compliance regulations. But beyond this, focusing on your accessibility lets you improve your bottom line and improve your brand identity.

To put it simply, accessibility is nothing more than making sure that as many people as possible can view and use your site as it is intended. To get the best results with it, you’ll need to understand the various ways that people actually use your site and how they access it.

Tips for improving accessibility

There are a few basic tips you can remember that will help you improve your accessibility and get your website out to as many people as possible. These steps can also improve things like SEO results, click-through conversions, and much more. Here’s what to remember

  • Keep things simple. Try to avoid cliché animated banner ads and hard-to-read fonts or crazy color schemes. It may seem like it helps you stand out, but it makes it more difficult for users to navigate pages and to find the important information.
  • Remember to focus on mobile users as well. More people than ever before are now using their mobile devices to access the web, and that means that you need to have a mobile-friendly site that can be visited on any device.
  • Use a clean design and avoid visual clutter. Too much text is one of the biggest culprits here, so try to keep things easy to read and focus on compelling, quality content instead of quantity.  

It’s not always clear how to make your web content accessible, but our team can help. ALHAUS can improve your overall site accessibility and make it easier to get your content out there for everyone. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get the most from your web content.