Top five elements of quality content


It’s no secret that standing out in the online marketplace is something that any business operating today needs to pay attention to.

Being able to drive traffic to your website and keep those visitors engaged and returning is important, and at ALHAUS we feel that doing so begins with you understanding what quality content is.

The reason is simple – quality content is what sets you apart from the pack and keeps visitors returning time and time again, and what builds your brand identity and word of mouth. But what is quality content?

The basics of quality content

If you’re unsure of what quality content consists of, you’re not alone. But based on recent information from Forbes, a few key elements stand out as quality. These include the following five things, which form the foundation of great content:

  1. Length – The simple fact is that these days, most people are using their mobile devices to browse the internet. And when they do, they often prefer shorter articles. If you want your content to reach the masses, try to avoid a 5,000-word treatise on a subject. Instead, stick with short, succinct content that gets your point across quickly.
  2. Video – Today, most experts agree that media matters. In fact, studies show that visual content gets 94% more views than plain text and that mobile video play exceeded 44% in 2015. Adding video increases SEO and also helps you get your points across.
  3. Subject relevance – If you’re selling a specific product, you need to focus your content on things related to that product. Your visitors should regard you as a leader in your field, so keep all information relevant to that subject.
  4. Cutting edge – While you don’t need to be out there trying to break a big story about an upcoming development in the field, you also don’t want to be constantly creating content that is on subjects that are years old. Try to stay current with your information.
  5. Editing – Like it or not, editing matters in a big way. A well-edited blog post not only improves SEO, but also helps you look more professional. After all, misspellings and grammatical errors can have a negative impact on the first impressions of visitors. If you need to, seek out professional editorial services.

If you pay attention to these basic elements, you should be able to start creating compelling content that actually has a big impact on the future of your company. We can help. If you’re in need of content generation or just basic editorial services, contact us now to find out more about what we can do for you and your business.