Top five ways to master website readability


One thing that is often overlooked in a content management strategy is the readability of the website. Digital marketers often get so excited about creating and delivering the content that they often overlook this crucial aspect.

You can have the best content in the world, but if it isn’t easy to read, then you will miss out on reaching your intended audience"

The next time you are creating content, consider these five important ways to make sure your content is easily readable:

1.    Focus on contrast: When designing websites, the idea of having a flashy colour scheme can be very tempting. Many times the colour of the font and the background clash in a way that makes reading difficult. When publishing your content keep this in mind. You want to optimise the contrast between the background colour and the text colour so that everyone can easily read your content. Here is a guide to optimising the contrast on your website for easy readability (CBC News). 

2.    Use legible fonts: When creating your website, you’ll run into hundreds of different types of fonts. Stick to fonts with the highest legibility like Arial; Courier; Verdana; and Times New Roman for your content. 

3.    Simplify your page design: If your page is cluttered with ads; extra features; and various widgets, it’s hard for your readers to get to the content. Streamline your pages and get rid of all the excess imagery and modules while presenting the text as a standalone that isn’t disrupted by various features.

4.    Make your website content downloadable:  Whether you offer a .pdf download or an easy transfer to an eBook reader, if you provide downloaded content you are providing website accessibility so that everyone no matter their needs can consume your content easily. If you opt for a downloadable .pdf, here are some ways you can optimise your content for accessibility.

5.    Optimise your content for mobile reading: Mobile devices like smartphones are now the primary way people engage with online content. When putting together your website, make sure that it is also optimised for mobile reading.

At the end of the day, you can have the greatest content on the internet but if it isn’t readable, it doesn’t matter. When putting together your content management strategy make sure that you incorporate readability as one of your key focus areas. If you need help on making your content more accessible to more people, talk to the experts at ALHAUS today. We can evaluate your website for readability and can help you implement some easy accessibility features.