Three SEO strategies for improving brand visibility on Facebook


Social media is still the best place to grow your brand online (TenFold). Your Facebook presence does not just need to be relevant, informative, and engaging, it also needs to be optimised for search like any other content you would create.

Incorporating an SEO strategy on Facebook can help build your brand authority and improve your website traffic. Here are three SEO basic strategies to use on your Facebook company page. 

1. Use a vanity URL

Every page on Facebook is assigned a unique URL. Facebook gives you the option to change your URL extension to reflect the name of your business. For example, you can change your URL from a series of numbers and letters to read “”. This makes it easier for search engines to associate your Facebook page with your company and gives you more credibility. Here is a step by step guide to changing your Facebook URL that includes some basic guidelines on how to pick a great vanity URL (Hubspot). 

2. Build a strong business profile

When building your profile, make sure to pay attention to the key areas. Start with your business page title as it is the most important for SEO. Make sure your language is very specific. Keep in mind the first word of your title is most important to search engines. Next, fill out the “About,” “Mission,” and “Company Description” sections as they are the areas pulled for SEO elements. Make sure to fully keyword optimise these areas. Also, make sure to include your address and phone number as these two categories lend credibility to your business. Finally, optimise your page for local queries by including your location in the “Company Overview,” “Mission,” and “Products” sections. 

3. Optimise your posts and status updates

There are two important ways to optimise your posts and status updates. First, make sure you keyword target your posts the way you would any other content. This helps both Facebook and search engines include you in relevant query results. Secondly, remember that the first 18 words of your posts are used for the metadescription. 

These three tips will help increase your visibility on Facebook. For more ideas on how to make your social media campaign a success, contact the experts at ALHAUS. We offer a range of great services that can help make sure that you are getting the most out of all of your social media marketing efforts.