Three habits of successful content managers to develop in 2018

Image: Jon Nicholls

Image: Jon Nicholls


With the start of a new year, it’s a great time to develop some new content management habits.

As we’ve discussed before, developing great content is only one part of what makes content managers successful. They have a variety of other skills and professional habits that lead them to success. Here are three habits to develop to ensure this is your best year yet:

1. Listen to your audience

Feedback is essential to understanding the efficacy of your content. Feedback can be collected in a variety of ways from direct conversations with your readers to monitoring their interactions with your content. Listening to your audience ensures that the content you are creating actually meets their needs.  

2. Document all your ideas

Great content managers never stop working. They get ideas in the middle of the night, over breakfast, and in the middle of meetings. Make sure you have a way to document all of your great ideas in one place. Even if it’s just a simple thought, it can be fleshed out when you have more time. Documenting your ideas will ensure you never run out of them.

3. Review your strategy

The most successful content managers are agile and can quickly shift gears to meet market needs and trends. In order to determine the shifts you need to take, you need to review your content strategy with analytics. Analytics can help ensure that you are making smart decisions that reflect market demand. They are extremely useful for converting content into sales (Tenfold). Successful content managers are always reviewing their strategies and adjusting for change. 

If you are looking for more guidance to ensure your content strategy is successful this year, talk to the content management experts at ALHAUS. We offer a variety of services to support your goals for the year.