Three brainstorming meetings to inspire brilliant content ideas


When putting together your content strategy, it can be easy to run out of ideas, especially if you work in a niche or highly-competitive industry.

One way to come up with some great ideas is to host a brainstorming session with your team.

This requires a little planning and a great strategy to really make the most of your time. Here are some ideas to keep your team on track and help foster some really innovative ideas:

1. Brainwriting is a great technique to help generate ideas. Start by having everyone write down one or two ideas on a sheet of paper. When they are done, they can pass the paper to the person sitting next to them. That person will add to their idea; create subtopics; and ask relevant questions. You will keep passing until everyone in the room has contributed to everyone’s initial idea. Then together you will review the ideas, build upon them, and determine how to incorporate them into your content strategy.

2. Mood boards are essentially collages of relevant material. They can be created to convey a brand’s feel, visual look, or to create a story. They can be created both digitally and physically. You can start by asking everyone to create their own mood board or have people bring items to contribute to the board. From there, talk about how the board relates to your business, discuss what you like and what you don’t like, and then edit the content down to a streamlined message. Once you have that message you can break it up into functional pieces of content. Here are some really helpful tips on how to create a mood board to get the juices flowing (Creativebloq).

3. Rapid-fire ideation is where everyone in the room just calls out ideas and someone writes them down, no matter their relevancy or quality. You host a rapid-fire ideation session by either allowing people to call things out as they come or go round robin. Time the session to go quickly and then when it’s done, review all the ideas and edit them down or build upon them as necessary. Rapid-fire ideation is a great way to remove writer’s block because it forces people to not overthink their ideas. Every idea is valid in a rapid-fire session, so encourage everyone to contribute anything that comes to mind.

These three brainstorming meetings will generate some great content ideas that you and your team can then develop further. So if you are stuck on topics, host a brainstorming session with your team and let the ideas flow. If you are looking for an extra hand, ALHAUS has you covered. At ALHAUS we can help you take these great ideas to an effective content strategy easily. So contact us today to learn more!