The importance of tone in copywriting


A good writer can evoke emotion in their reader. They completely capture their attention and leave them hanging on every word. Great writers are able to build a rapport with their readers. The way the writer expresses themselves becomes like a familiar friend. Content writing may not be as theatrically dramatic but it still plays on this relationship that readers form with the material they have been presented.

The element that bridges the gap between writing words in black and white and forming a rapport with your audience is tone.

Tone of voice (TOV) is an effective tool to help your audience feel as if they are getting to know a person rather than a product or brand. Familiarity breeds comfort and people are more likely to spend money with companies or businesses they feel comfortable with.

Be consistent in your language

Consistency is probably the most crucial key to establishing a tone for your brand. Taking the time to develop the right tone for your content is the first step to drawing your target audience it. Make sure your tone matches the company objectives. Once you’ve established your tone, use it every time you attempt to engage with your audience even if you switch to a different platform or means of communication. The style and design can and should change depending on the medium being used to convey the message but the tone should remain the same. A consistent TOV gives the brand another element for the target audience to immediately recognise and that helps to reinforce their expectations of that brand or service (London School of Marketing).

Mind your words

Remember as you are writing that word choice plays a large role in how people will perceive your tone. For example, the word "coerced" has a manipulative connotation and will provoke a negative feeling in your reader while "suggested" has a more helpful connotation and will make your audience feel positively. As you write, do so with your target audience in mind. Write to them as if they were in front of you and you're having a conversation face to face. This will help you ensure that you are writing in a way that will make the consumer feel comfortable.

Great content draws your target audience in and makes them feel comfortable enough to trust your brand. A consistent TOV assists in forming a strong relationship that makes consumers feel your brand is reliable. Let our content managers at ALHAUS use their expertise to make sure your message is well received. Contact us today.