The importance of building backlinks


Backlinking is a term referring to links on another website that link back to yours. They are a wildly valuable tool to boost your ranking on search engines and to bring people to your website.

It’s very important to have a higher ranked website backlink to your website because search engines will use the ranking of your backlink sites as a factor in your evaluation.

Earning backlinks on authoritative sites does take time but while you are laying the foundation to form relationships with popular sites you can also build your own backlinks. Here are some tips:

  • Blogger reviews: Reach out to bloggers that are relevant to your product. Ask them if they would like to try your product or services in exchange for a review on their blog. When you contact them mention what you would usually charge for the product to underline the value of the opportunity you are presenting to them (Entreprenuer).
  • Guest post: Look for websites that relate to your business and allow guest writers. Doing this will allow you to reach another part of your audience and build a relationship with the website administrators. You’ll want to be sure the website has a domain authority that is as good as yours or better. In addition, try to write on the same websites more than once to build your rapport. Lastly, always link your social media platforms in the author bio.
  • Follow your competition: Check out what your competitors are doing with their marketing strategies. Subscribe to their weekly emails and stay up to date with their backlink websites.
  • Offer assistance with broken links: Within your niche, search websites to see if any contain broken links. If you do happen to find one or two, contact the page administrator. Let them know exactly where you found the broken link and offer them a couple alternative replacements, including relevant links to your own website. Try to appear helpful rather than just fishing for a backlink.
  • Infographics: Search what may be trending in your particular business field and make an infographics to display the information. Make sure you embed code to make it shareable. Then submit it to infographic directories.

The above are just a few tips to get you started. There is so much more to creating and earning successful backlinks. Contact our experts at ALHAUS for a full analysis and to optimise your backlink marketing plan today.