Successful rebrand launched for Visit Dublin


Some more big news on the Visit Dublin front, as last Friday (19th October) marked the launch of the new marketing campaign and branding, “Dublin — A breath of fresh air”. The update heralds in a new version of the Visit Dublin logo, as well as improved designs on the website.

The new branding accurately captures what makes Dublin so unique as a holiday destination for international tourists. Visitors can experience the bustling and vibrant capital city, filled with culture, history, and new places to discover, as well as being able to explore the mountains and the sea in the great and beautiful outdoors of Dublin's surrounding countryside.

The change comes after months of collaboration between the Grow Dublin Tourism Alliance and major players within the Dublin tourism industry from both the public and private sectors. After extensive research into overseas markets, determining where the top international destinations are and what factors influence holidaymakers to travel there, the new initiative now aims to solidify Dublin’s place as one of the top cities in the world for tourists to visit.

Alhaus worked with the Visit Dublin team to provide editorial content to reflect the new branding and themes that focus on Dublin as a vibrant holiday destination with accessibility to the Dublin Mountains and Dublin Bay. We also worked implementing imagery and video content to complement the new branding colours and updated other areas of the site including the See & Do and What’s On sections to work alongside this fresh new style.

The new logo itself was created by Oscar-winning designer Annie Atkins, most notable for winning an Academy Award for her creative art work on Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

“We wanted to take the opportunity to convey that … Dublin is so close to the mountains and the sea" Atkins said.

"The obvious meaning is that it's literally fresh air here - Dublin is sandwiched right between the mountains and the sea, so there's plenty of activities for our visitors, like kayaking and hillwalking.

But it's also metaphorically a breath of fresh air - I think people feel revived mentally after a visit here.”