Six ways to humanise your social media content


The way consumers expect to engage with companies has changed.

Social media platforms have made it a lot easier to connect users to companies.

This has changed the way companies engage with consumers or at least it should. No one enjoys being talked at or given interaction without warmth. There are ways to communicate with your audience online and not sound robotic. Show your consumers who you are and keep them coming back for more with these six tips on how to make your social media content more friendly:

1.    Sprinkle in some humour

People love to laugh. Injecting a bit of humour into your content will keep your audience feeling light and comfortable. They’ll want to return to know what you’ll say next. The fast food chain Wendy’s, for example, has been been delighting Twitter users with quirky comebacks to customer inquiries. You don’t have to follow their direction but find ways your company can make consumers smile.

2.    Keep the conversation casual

While product knowledge is essential for informing your audience of the value of your product or services, language should not be over their heads (Social Media Examiner). Keeping your tone conversational and casual helps your audience relate to your content. It makes them feel like they’re conversing with a friend rather than someone trying to sell them on something.

3.    Take responsibility

If there has been some mishap and a customer reaches out to you about it on social media, just own up to it. People make mistakes. Proving that you are accountable to that customer, and others who may view the exchange, humanises your brand.

4.    Personalise your content

Sign your posts with your name. It’s simple but seeing the name of someone who represents your company on a post makes your company seem personally engaged.

5.    Be yourself

Set your company apart by finding your own unique voice. Much like your brand, you should establish a way of communicating that your audience can rely on and will automatically associate with your company.
6.    Highlight your audience

Make your consumers feel special by highlighting their messages to you. Most people enjoy getting attention on social media, so lifting one customer up will not only elevate your company in their eyes but it will also make other customers want to engage for the chance to be treated the same way.

If you are looking for more tips on how to interact with your social media audience, check out our other tips for making better content. If you really want to effectively connect with your customers, contact our content management experts at ALHAUS. We’ll help you craft great content that is tailored to your unique brand and will help you reach your desired audience. So contact us today!