Six tips to create a post-webinar survey

Image:  anokarina

Image: anokarina


Webinars are cost-effective, extremely informative, and can be easily shared. Femtreprenuer has put together a great resource on how to host and share a webinar for free that can help you get started (Femtreprenuer). 

Once you’ve hosted your webinar, you’ll need to measure the ROI. An easy way to measure the efficacy of your webinar is with a post-webinar survey.

A post-webinar survey can help you gain valuable feedback from your customers, measure engagement, and help you strategise future content ideas.

Here are some tips on crafting a post-webinar survey that your viewers will want to complete:

1. Define your priorities

Before crafting your post-webinar survey you need to define your objectives. For example, if you are hosting your first webinar, you may be looking to gage your audience’s interest. If you are introducing a new product or service, you may want customer feedback.

2. Keep the questions short

Keep in mind that people are usually on a time limit. Asking long convoluted questions can frustrate and bore people. So keep them simple and to the point.

3. Vary the questions

Add a variety of questions and answer formats. Include yes/no questions, ratings scales, and comment boxes. This diversity will help prevent your customers from getting bored and will engage them better than a repetitive format.

4. Avoid leading questions

When you write your questions, be careful not to lead your customers. Leading questions are not helpful for your purposes. For example instead of asking “How satisfied are you with our webinar?”, ask “Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with our survey?”

5. Announce the survey during the webinar

Make sure to let your viewers know you will be conducting a survey. If they know they will be taking a survey at the end, they’ll be more likely to participate. Ideally, you will announce the survey in the introduction and again in the conclusion as a reminder.

6. Send the survey immediately following 

As soon as the webinar is complete, have the survey hyperlink ready so they can more naturally to the survey. If you are reposting a completed webinar, add the survey link in the description. Just make sure to instruct viewers where they can take the survey.

Once you’ve collected this valuable information from your post-webinar survey, you should speak to the experts at ALHAUS. We can help you turn your webinar feedback into actionable content with a high return. Contact us today to learn more!