Six factors that impact your search engine ranking


Google uses a complex algorithm to determine search engine ranking position (SERP).

Mastering this algorithm is no easy task. However, no matter your skill level, there are some key factors you need to be aware of that can impact your position in query results. Here are the six factors that have the biggest impact on your SERP:

1. Age of your domain

Though there is not much you can do about the age of your domain, Google considers this an important factor in search engine ranking. Websites come and go, but if your site is up for many years, it gives you more authority.

2. Sitemap

Sitemaps are essential a website directory. They help search engines index all the pages and content on your website. Sitemaps are the most effective way to tell a search engine what is on your website so they can include you in relevant query results. 

3. Social shares

Social shares through social media sites and discussion boards can increase your SERP. Though Google does not factor in social shares into their rankings, social shares increase engagement. Engagement is factored in by Google and increases SERP. 

4. Backlinks

Backlinks from other websites position you as an industry leader and authority. When websites with high SERP link back to your content, it gives your website extra credibility. The more backlinks from high-quality sites, the more positive impact on your SERP. 

5. Content quality

Google penalises websites with poor content quality. Abuse of intrusive ads, excessive keyword usage, and even poor spelling and grammar can negatively impact your ranking. The higher quality your content is, you will not only have more engagement from your readers but you also will not face penalties from Google. This can reduce your SERP. 

6. SEO strategy

All of these factors are essentially part of your larger SEO strategy. The better SEO strategy you have, the better your SERP. For tips on how improving your SEO can improve your SERP, check out this handy guide published by TenFold (TenFold).

With so many factors determining your SERP, it is important that you have a solid content management strategy. A low SERP means customers will not be able to find you and you will lose out on traffic and sales. If your website’s SERP is low, contact the experts at ALHAUS. We can help improve your content, increase your social shares and backlinks, and help you develop a great SEO strategy. Contact us today to learn more.