Six deeper content metrics you should be measuring


Tracking metrics is critical to understanding the success of your content, and there are a variety of benefits in doing so. Metrics can help you optimise performance, generating leads and increasing conversion rates (Tenfold). However, many marketers are caught up on vanity metrics such as page likes and views. To truly rate the efficacy of your content strategy, you need to be more thorough in your approach. Deeper metrics evaluate engagement and retention as opposed to passing interest, and they’ll help you develop a more targeted and effective content strategy. 

Here are five deeper content metrics you should be measuring:

1. Time spent engaging content.

Many of us measure how many impressions a piece of content gets. However, looking at the total time of engagement is more informative. It shows whether or not your audience is actually engaging with your message.

2. The full timeline of content engagement.

Rather than looking at how a piece of content performed within a specific timeframe, measure the entire timeline of engagement. This will show which promotional efforts are the most effective. It will also help you determine if you should prepare another push. 

3. Content channel performance.

There are a variety of publishing platforms. If you just look at the total impressions, rather than the source of the impressions, you won’t know which publishing channel is most effective for your brand. It will also show which type of content is performing best on which platform.

4. Return readers.

A high volume of readers that return to your content means that you are indeed reaching your intended audience. Tracking return readers can also show if you are losing your desired audience from new campaigns. 

5. Conversion rate.

Conversion rate is a no-brainer. However, there’s more to conversion rates than just sales. Conversion rates should also include downloading content, signing up for email lists, and joining webinars.

6. Team member performance.

Measuring the individual performance of each team member’s content can help you determine best practices for the entire team. This will also help you determine what processes, voice, and vision are resonating with your audience.

Tracking these deeper metrics will give you more insight into the true performance of your content. If you find that your content is not performing as well as you’d like, ALHAUS can help. We have a variety of content management services that will ensure your content is working for you. We can also help you understand what metrics will be most valuable to your unique business. Contact us today to learn more.