Sidney Torres: man on a mission

Sidney Torres leaning against stone wall

Image: © Sidney Torres


As the city of New Orleans celebrates its 300th birthday, serial entrepreneur and TV presenter Sidney Torres describes his passion for the Big Easy, his instinct for smart property decisions and the importance of unplugging from technology.

For a man with so much on the go, the New Orleans native exudes a sense of calm as we sit down to discuss his projects, his vision for the future, and his knack for spotting a good investment— a skill that would come in handy in the competitive housing markets of London and Dublin. His advice to anyone looking for a house? Take a breath.

“Be observant, don’t just buy what’s hot or trendy—you have to do your homework. Take your time and steer away from making emotional purchases; look for opportunities instead and surround yourself with good mentors.”

Through his hit reality TV show, CNBC’s The Deed, Sidney aims to use his own years of experience to show people what to do and what not to do. The idea behind the show is to give average viewers the knowledge and skills that real estate developers already posses and with careful investment, Sidney believes new life can be breathed into the historic neighbourhoods of New Orleans.

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