SEO updates: What they are and how to navigate them


One of the challenges of keeping your content in front of audiences is navigating search engine optimisation (SEO).

"Google is the leading platform for consumers to search for a brand or company and they are always evolving (Search Engine Land)."

Here are the latest Google programs you need to be aware of to keep your SEO up-to-date:

  • Google Hummingbird: While this platform is not new, it is still important to know. It pays attention to the whole phrase in a search query rather than focusing on just a few key words.
  • Google Mobile Friendly Update: This algorithm elevates mobile friendly websites through Google’s mobile search engine. Keep your company website at the top of the list by making sure you have a mobile friendly subdomain.
  • Google Panda Update. This update was meant to keep website with poor content from making it into the top search results. It does refresh occasionally, so sometimes websites that weren’t caught before will be caught in the next content evaluation. Conversely, websites that have made content improvements can be moved up to the top search results.
  • Google Penguin: The update works by lowering the ranking of websites that are spam in the search results. It determines which websites to target by evaluating which websites have sought to boost their rankings by buying links or getting them through networks with that specified purpose.
  • Google Pigeon: Pigeon is used for United States English to provide local search results that are more relevant and useful.
  • Google Payday: This algorithm clears search queries that are usually targets for spam, such as payday loans.
  • Google Pirate: This update target websites with frequent copyright infringement violations. Since the filter is periodically updated, websites that have had violations can make it back to the top search results as long as they have made the necessary changes. Sites that were mistakenly filtered would also be released at that time as well.
  • Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update. This filter is aimed at poor quality websites that may rank higher in the search results just because the domain name contains the words used in the query.
  • Google Top Heavy Update. Top Heavy is used to filter out websites that are overloaded with advertising. As with most of the filters, this one is updated periodically so, sites that were falsely flagged or have made improvements can be released.

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