Precious pieces, made with love: Chupi

Headshot of Chupi Sweetman

Image: courtesy of Chupi


Chupi is a beloved Irish jewellery brand, founded by designer Chupi Sweetman. The popular brand’s aesthetic is inspired by natural beauty and has enchanted numerous fans all over the world. In conversation with ALHAUS magazine, Chupi Sweetman describes her mission to craft pieces that become part of the wearer’s life story.

Everyone has a piece—something from your mum or your grandmum that’s been passed down and is more precious than anything you own. I suddenly realised I wanted to do that: to create magic, heritage and pieces that you pass on to your daughter one day.

At Chupi, our mission is to make precious jewellery that marks moments and tells stories; sparkling pieces designed to be future heirlooms and become part of your story.

My love for wild and natural things definitely serves as an inspiration behind my designs. I’m so inspired by the imperfect natural beauty of feathers, twigs and leaves.

The brand has evolved in many ways: I started off by working out of a spare room in my house, and five years later we have a team of 23 and ship our beautiful sparkly pieces to 64 countries around the world, with fans from London to New York to Tokyo.

To read the full piece with Chupi, order Issue No. 3 of ALHAUS magazine.

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