Planning your publishing frequency for 2018


Publishing frequency is as important as the quality of your content. Publish too few posts and you are wasting the opportunity to build your brand. Publish too many posts and your readers will get annoyed.

Though the ideal publishing frequency varies across many industries, it is important to develop a plan now if you plan to grow your online presence in the coming year. 

Recommended publishing frequency by platform

CoSchedule recently collected data from across the web to help determine the most effective posting frequency for business (CoSchedule). They found that the recommended posting frequency for maximum engagement is typically:

Website blogs: 1-7 posts per week

Facebook: 1 per day

Twitter: 15 times per day

Instagram: 1-2 per day

Pinterest: 11 pins per day

LinkedIn: 1 per day

What is right for your business

You can use the standard numbers suggested by CoSchedule as a baseline for developing your own strategy. Content planning is not a one size fits all model, so as you begin revamping your publishing frequency there are some things to consider:

●    Determine your goals: First you want to clearly determine the goals you want your content to achieve this year. Do you want more followers? More brand engagement through shares and likes? More conversions? Once you have your goals, you can begin planning your publishing calendar.

●    Increase volume slowly: If you are currently publishing at less than the recommended frequency, slowly build up your volume. You don’t want to overwhelm your staff right away.

●    Do not neglect quality: When it comes to content, quality is always more important than quantity. So if you notice that your new publishing frequency is impacting your quality, reassess your strategy. 

●    Measure the effectiveness: Track your success to see how your posting frequency is working. If you are meeting your goals, then keep going. If you are not, review your strategy and test a new plan. 

Determining the publishing frequency of your unique company will have a period of growing pains. The best thing you can do is simply test the effectiveness and adjust as necessary.

If you need help meeting your new publishing frequency goals, ALHAUS can help. Our content managers offer a range of services that you meet your publishing goals for the year. Contact us today to learn more.