Personalising your content to meet user needs


When designing your content management strategy you want to ensure that you are meeting all of your readers’ informational needs and answering all their questions. What better way to find out what they want than to learn from them directly?

By incorporating content recommendations, you can ensure that you are targeting their specific interests and engaging your readers on a more personal level.

What are content recommendations?

Content recommendations allow you to give users the ability to determine what type of content they want from your website by providing them options tailored to their subject matter interest. Content recommendations allow users to filter what type of content they would like to see by selecting their interest areas from a interactive widget on your page. They can also be incorporated into the page content as a sidebar that contains links to articles related to the subject matter of the content they are currently engaging. Content recommendations may also display links to the most popular content on the webpage.

The benefits of incorporating content recommendations 

The biggest benefit of incorporating content recommendations is that you get to have a conversation about your customers’ unique content needs. This conversation creates personal relationships that foster trust, loyalty, and most importantly, action. Another huge benefit of content recommendations is once you have a better idea of the needs of your customers, you can tailor your products and services to their preferences. Finally, content recommendations help you expose your readers to older, more relevant site content that they may have missed because it isn’t the first item on your blog roll (Business 2 Community).

How to incorporate content recommendations into your website

There are several methods you can employ to give your users the power to determine their content. You can incorporate a widget into your website that allows users to choose their interest areas. Boomtrain's article on artificial intelligence and what it means for digital marketing explains how AI-powered algorithms can be used to understand and harness user behaviour resulting in automated recommendations. 

You can also offer content-specific subscriptions that will send an email alert whenever you publish a new piece of content relevant to their interests. Finally, you can ask your readers directly what they’d like to learn more about through surveys, social media engagement, and comment sections.

How to meet content recommendations

Content recommendations can expose you to market demands you did not expect. In these areas you may not have enough content matter expertise. However, you will still want to offer plenty of content in these areas. ALHAUS can help you craft content outside of your expertise area to meet these consumers demands.

Developing a content recommendation strategy is very complex, so it is best to get advice from the experts. We can help you adapt your content strategy to meet the needs of your users and implement a content recommendations plan. Contact us today to see how we can help you personalise your content for your users.