Perfect your podcast


Podcasts have rapidly become the consumer’s favourite way to be entertained. The marketing potential to reach millions of people and attract a larger audience has quickly grown.

There are no signs that the popularity of podcasts will slow down. People can listen to podcasts while doing anything. Thanks to smartphones, podcasts are readily available anytime and anyplace. When you are ready to start your own podcast, here are a few things to consider. 

Consider your audience and tailor your style to them

Do some research on your target audience before you start your podcast. You’ll want to cater to them specifically. Find out what type of podcasts they’re listening to and follow them. Your show could have a more conversational and relaxed feel or it could be more professional and informative. Take care to make sure your style works for your brand. 

Be yourself to stand out

It’s important when you start recording your podcast that you are authentic. Listeners can tell if you're reading a script or not being genuine. It’s okay to have an outline of what you would like to say but reading it verbatim will make you sound stiff. Don’t be afraid to ad-lib a bit, it will help your podcast sound less predictable and more entertaining. 

Mix it up with special guests

Bringing in a special guest gives your listeners something to look forward to and it’s a nice break from the usual flow of a podcast. You will need to find someone who will be good at engaging with you while they are being recorded for people to hear later. 

Don’t forget the content marketing basics

Even though you are creating podcasts, you can still optimise for SEO. Your hosting site, as well as your podcast titles, should have page names that will attract search engines (Entrepreneur). You should also edit your work. There are some podcast platforms that allow you to edit your audio files. 

The rise in consumers turning to podcasts for entertainment has created a great opportunity for marketers to reach a larger audience. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to take advantage of this platform. Contact one of the content management experts at ALHAUS to develop your podcast plan of action.