Top 3 overlooked factors in web content and your brand


Everyone knows that branding is an absolutely vital part of building a successful business, and taking the time to create a recognisable and effective brand is one of the first things you should do.

Plenty of business professionals understand that their online content has a big impact on their brand but it is surprising just how many overlook the factors that can critically impact online branding.

To help you get the best results from your branding efforts online, let’s take a quick look at some of the important content management aspects that are most often ignored or overlooked:

  1. Tone of voice – Your tone impacts your brand in a huge way. Think of major companies and consider their approach to talking to potential clients or customers – are they calm and understanding, excited and trying to convey energy, or using a highly professional, specialised tone? Figure out how you want to speak to your customers and stick with that tone in all of your online content.
  2. Style – Style isn’t relegated to tone of voice. Do you focus on fun? Professionalism? Expert advice? Compassion? Value? Each of those things can be brought to life through your online content design and style. From colors to formatting, everything matters.
  3. Consistency – This is probably the most overlooked aspect of branding, but it needs more attention. If your online content isn’t consistent, it can be harder to build your brand identity. An email marketing push that doesn’t match the style and tone of your website, or a social media account that has a much different approach to your blog are examples of this. You want to match your online content properly for the best results.

These simple things can impact your branding in a big way. While having a clear vision for your web content is important and making sure that you express your brand identity properly will both be vital, don’t overlook the little things.

Our team can help. By providing you with editing and content management solutions, we can give you the consistency and the best practices online that will help your brand get noticed the way it should. Contact us today to learn more.