Nine sources of inspiration for content creation ideas


Creating effective is more than crafting well-written material. You also need to provide useful informative content to your readers.

At some point, even professional writers can get stuck, feel blocked, or hit a wall, and we need to compile strategies to move forward.

Here is a list of nine ideas that can help jumpstart your creative process.
1. Curate content

This is as simple as compiling your favourite posts from ten websites you love, describing why you like them. There is minimal creativity involved with this, and your cited authors will likely appreciate the exposure (Hubspot).

2. Conduct an interview

This is a great way to generate content, simply because it’s easier to draft questions than an entire post, and interviews are great for blog content.

3. Write a review

Identify a product that you like and can get behind endorsing, and write about it: what you like, what you don’t like, reasons why, etc. Consider contacting the company and asking for them to donate a product that you can raffle off to your readership – everyone wins in this scenario.

4. Explain your success

Identify a time when you nailed a situation, and describe the process that you took to get there. Don’t brag, but take the reader along with you through your steps, and draw out the lessons you learned, and what the reader could learn as well.

5. Explain your failure

People love to read about the failures of others, it’s in our nature! This is usually an easy topic to write about, and oftentimes a powerful subject, and you don’t even have to be creative to do it; simply tell it like it was, and describe what you learned in the process.

6. Get to know your audience

If you want to create more engaging content, create a fictional ideal customer, or buyer persona, and operate from there. Knowing your audience makes content creation significantly easier.

7. Borrow some name recognition

Pick something that your readers will be interested in, be it a band, movie, or celebrity, and merge it with a subject, e.g., “5 things 90’s hip hop taught me about marketing.”

8.Get inspired

Maybe it’s time for a reboot. Go on a walk, see a film, visit the museum, take a bath. Get out of your head for a while and let your subconscious sort out the ideas you have been chewing on.

9. Read other blogs

Look for writers with similar interests to yours and that are garnering attention from your target audience. You can use their content as a way to gauge what people are paying attention to and to stimulate your own ideas.

Hopefully these nine ideas can help you come up with some engaging content for your website. If you are looking for some other tips and techniques, check out our blog at ALHAUS. Our content management experts share their best tips and techniques every week, so make sure you subscribe to learn more ways to come up with useful content!