Mastering the content creation process


Whether your business is first starting out or you are just implementing an online marketing strategy, creating content can be challenging. Fortunately, if you understand the process, you can master content creation.

Here are the most important parts of the content creation process to help you get started:

Understand your audience

All of your content should be interesting to your audience. In order to engage them, you must first understand them. Start by doing some market research, study the demographics of your customers, and evaluate the strategies of your competitors. Once you have insight on your audience, you can begin creating content that connects with them.

Develop your SEO strategy

Once you know who your ideal audience is, you then need to figure out how to reach them. Before creating your content you need to plan an SEO strategy. There are many tools to help you find what keywords you will need to include in order to rank on search engines (HubSpot). Once you have your keywords, you will have an understanding of what kind of quality content you need to create to target your audience. 

Get creative with your topics

Understanding what keywords will help you reach your audience will help you begin formulating great topics. This is the time to get creative and really start thinking outside of the box. Consider offering a variety of content from blogs to videos to infographics. Have a brainstorming session and think about topics that may not be obvious but still relate to your brand. Make sure that your content is always informative, entertaining, and actionable.

Optimise your content for the platform

Once you’ve created great content, you need to then optimise your content for your platform. If you’ve written a blog post, make sure it is easy to read with bullet points, sub-headings, and numbered lists. If you’re doing a social media campaign make sure your hashtags make sense. If you are including visual content, your images need to be optimised for the specific platform. 

Becoming a content creation master is really a combination of market analytics, creativity, and a direct strategy. Creating great content takes a lot of time and research, so if you feel your business is falling behind, we’ve got you covered. At ALHAUS, we’ll do more than just create content for you, we’ll help you master the content creation process from ideation to publishing. So if you’re looking to become a content creation master, learn how we can help!