Living and breathing art with Lucinda Costello

Affordable Art Fair Director Lucinda Costello

Since launching in London’s Battersea Park in 1999, the Affordable Art Fair has welcomed millions of art enthusiasts to its fairs globally.

Image: © Affordable Art Fair

When we first came onto the scene we were really disruptive, because we were offering something that didn’t exist.

Affordable Art Fair Director UK Lucinda Costello caught up with ALHAUS at a WeWork event this year to describe her workday, and reflect on the world of art.

I grew up gardening—my family were really into it, and also into creativity in general, so I trained in horticulture. After studying garden design, I worked in all sorts of related areas: from journalism and photography, to growing things and selling them. There was lots of scope for creativity in terms of creating displays and working with clients to make their gardens beautiful. And then I moved into the events world with the Royal Horticultural Society. I love the ‘show business’ of events—being able to create these amazing moments, where people come and have a wonderful time—and all because of the work you and your team have done.

At Affordable Art Fair we’re always open to new opportunities, and to supporting the art world in a really fun and accessible way. That’s one of our big raisons d’être, to be as accessible as possible. We don’t ever want people to feel that they can’t interact with what we do, because they’re under the impression that it’s too highbrow for them—by that token we don’t consider ourselves to be ‘lowbrow’ either; rather we’re just open and welcoming...and not intimidating.

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