Life behind the lens: Nevzat Yıldırım

Nevzat Yıldırım standing in front of exhibition of his photography, holding one of his images

Following over 40 awards; pieces in many private collections; and work accepted into the photo collection of the prestigious Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Nevzat Yıldırım shares insights into the everyday demands of making those memorable images.

“Depending on the content of the work, I usually have five different lenses and tripods, various lights and the help of assistants. The lenses that I generally use are those of the best quality that are most suitable with my setup. Even though it seems a simple thing, to select the most appropriate lenses is a dilemma, though one that I can solve—but sometimes it may take hours. More importantly, when working on a project I must not leave my experience at home—the key to making something easier is experience.

I've travelled to 15 different countries from Europe to Africa to Asia and the Middle East for my projects in the last decade. There were some difficulties, like the logistics of transporting heavy equipment with me. We must see the world and the people in it as they are, instead of simply looking at stuff that the global media wants us to see. Different countries, languages and cultures, the similarities and different problems of people also give me the inspiration to keep moving.”

Pick up your copy of ALHAUS magazine No. 4 to learn more about Nevzat’s work and what inspires him.

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