My inspirations—Lamar Johnson

Lamar Johnson

The multi-talented actor, dancer, artist and creative powerhouse shares his inspiration as a storyteller.

Barry Jenkins, Director
I’m very inspired by Barry Jenkins’s storytelling. Every time I see his work, it ignites a fire in me to tell stories in as nuanced a way as he does.

George Tillman Jr., Director
George Tillman Jr., whom I had the pleasure of working with, truly is an actor’s director: very collaborative in his process, which allows everything to be so real and authentic—not only for the story, but for the actor.

Fashion and feeling
Fashion informs what I do because it’s an extension of creativity, it allows you to think outside the box and piece things together to make it all cohesive—where what speaks to me visually is anything that sparks some sort of feeling. I like to feel, so if an image makes me feel something, that in itself is a beautiful exchange. I want to create work that makes people feel—and that resonates beyond just the visual.

Family and friends
Family and friends are very important to me. Any chance I get to spend time with them—I do. I try to have a party or a get-together of some sort where all the people I love can be together in one room. So as you can tell, I’m very much a people person!

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