Is your mobile content fast enough?


In today’s market consumers are demanding immediate attention. They have become so accustomed to having their needs met at the push of a button, that they expect the same when visiting a mobile website.

In order to keep your audience engaged with your site, you’ve got to make sure they can access your information as quickly as possible.

According to research done by Google, 53 per cent of the people using a mobile device to view a website will leave the page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Combine that with the average mobile site taking 22 seconds to load and we’ve got a major problem (Google).

Mobile content for speed

Mobile speed isn’t solely dependent on web developers. Content on mobile websites plays a role in how efficient mobile websites load. Here are a few reasons why your site is not running as fast as possible.

How to start improving your speed

In order to start improving your mobile site speeds, start by having your site tested (SEO Clarity). You want a website that will evaluate your mobile site performance and friendliness. If you haven’t done so, correct the things mentioned above. Google is working on a new development to help improve the load time on mobile devices. It’s a project called the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP). However, you don’t want to wait for that to come into fruition to start making site improvements. As mentioned earlier, consumers will leave your site if it takes too long to load. Everyday you wait is a lost customer or client.

These days access to information is almost instant and consumers are accustomed to immediate results. With more people using mobile devices to access their favourite websites and browse the internet, companies would be remiss if they didn’t provide a mobile site that accommodated those expectations. Check your mobile site to make sure you aren’t losing a large portion of your audience because of slow speeds. Better yet, contact our experts ALHAUS. We can ensure that all of your content is fully optimised for every platform, including mobile devices.