Is it time to hire a content specialist?


Managing your online presence is a full-time job. You need to publish relevant content regularly, meet the changing demands of the market, and constantly test your content strategy to make sure it is effective. This can be very taxing on your staff, especially with all their other responsibilities.

Content management is essential in today’s market, so if you find your quality is slipping or you have no time for oversight and testing, you may be left wondering is it time to hire a content specialist?

What a content specialist provides

Content specialists, like our experts at ALHAUS, focus entirely on content management. We can work with your business to put together a comprehensive strategic plan to ensure that you are truly taking advantage of all the opportunities online. We have both the creative marketing skills to design and write engaging content and the in-depth analytical knowledge to ensure you are reaching your ideal audience.  

When you need a content specialist

Today’s business world is highly competitive and for any business to not only meet but exceed the demands of consumers, most employees have to take on multiple responsibilities to keep business operations running smoothly. This can lead to double-jobbing, less time for strategic planning, and low-quality production. In fact, 70% of all businesses lack a consistent or integrated content strategy (Prophet). Content management is not an area you can afford to let slip.  Both poor quality and under-performing content can damage your brand and hurt your business. So rather than adding more to the plate of your already overburdened staff, you should call in professional content specialists.

The benefits of working with content specialists

One of the great things about hiring content experts is that you don’t have to add a whole new department to your business to make sure that your content needs are met while providing your business with an invaluable service at a low overhead cost. A good content team can also increase your viewership, offer a unique perspective, and deliver content more quickly than your in house team. So it is an affordable investment with a valuable return.

Hiring a content specialist should not be taken lightly. Content management is a huge undertaking and should only be trusted to experienced professionals. At ALHAUS, we have you covered. Our experienced, dedicated staff can help you publish and promote great content to help you reach consumers and build your brand. So if you think it’s time to hire a content specialist, contact ALHAUS to see how we can help!