Intrusive ads and the rise of ad blockers


When surfing the internet, there are very few things more annoying than having your content interrupted by an advertisement.

Intrusive advertisements pop up when they are least wanted and often cause people to leave a site.

Google has been working diligently to prevent these ads from interrupting the user experience and have left many advertisers concerned about a loss of revenue from their marketing efforts.

Ad blocking software usage increase

As intrusive advertisements have increased so has the usage of ad blocking software. In fact, globally ad blocking software usage has increased 30% annually (New York Times). This massive increase in usage has left many tech companies frustrated because it disrupts their ability to generate the revenue necessary to keep their websites operational. Ad blocking software has become so problematic for companies that rely on that revenue, tech giants such as Facebook have tried to block the use of this software on their sites.

The problem with ad blocking software

The biggest problem is that ad blockers do not just block intrusive ads, which block content and disrupt the user experience, it blocks all forms of advertisements. This not only reduces revenue for companies that are not interrupting the user experience with annoying ads, but it can also prevent users from accessing content they would find valuable. So ultimately, ad blocking software is not a great solution for either marketers or consumers. 

Finding a middle ground

In an effort to find a healthy middle ground, Google has cracked down on intrusive advertising in order to de-incentivise the use of ad blocker software. They have defined intrusive advertising as ads that interrupt, distract, or clutter and have begun penalising sites that use these ads (Hubspot). By focusing on penalising the worst offenders, they are hoping to encourage more natural forms of advertising that users will want to experience. This approach will hopefully foster a middle ground where both companies who rely on ad revenue and users who wanted interrupted content can be satisfied.

If you are a marketer, it is important that you find this middle ground where you create engaging advertisements for your potential customers. At ALHAUS, we can help. Our experts can help you put together a comprehensive content management strategy that is both attractive to consumers and will increase conversion rates but will also help you avoid penalties from Google. Contact us today to learn how!