International accessibility news roundup


At ALHAUS, we believe everyone should have access to your great web content. That is why we focus on ensuring all of our client’s content is fully accessible and inclusive.

In order to make sure that we are meeting the needs of all your website visitors, we keep tabs on the latest news and developments in international accessibility and publish a monthly news roundup.

Here are the highlights from this month:

The internet is the next frontier in making the world accessible to all (Fast Company)
Eillie Anzilottu

Improving website accessibility is the next step in ensuring that everyone has equal access. Though lawmakers struggle to define what equal access means, website development companies are taking the lead by improving development tactics to be more inclusive. Improving accessibility will ensure more reach, but also supports civil rights.

Class action plaintiff targets universities and colleges for website accessibility claims: Fordham and three others sued in one week (Lexology)
Fredrikson & Byron PA

In a series of lawsuits, universities and colleges in the US are being challenged for their lack of accessibility features for the visually impaired. The plaintiff is arguing that the websites are in violation of the ADA, as well as state civil rights laws citing discrimination. Universities and colleges can avoid similar lawsuits by improving their website accessibility.

Technology should empower people, be accessible: Satya Nadella (Money Control)

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, highlighted the importance of website accessibility during his keynote speech at the Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida. He emphasised the importance of using technology to improve lives, including supporting inclusiveness. Satya also stated that Microsoft was working to create more tools and techniques to improve accessibility and empower all.

Making your service accessible: An introduction (
Accessibility Community

The UK government has published standards that all websites must follow to ensure accessibility for all citizens. The comprehensive guide explains the Equality Act 2010; how to implement website accessibility; and guidelines for the WCAG 2.0 design standards and principles. Websites from all over the UK can use this guide to ensure that they are providing accessible content.

As we improve our technology, we need to also ensure inclusivity to reach the wildest audience possible. At ALHAUS we specialise in inclusive content and can help you implement accessibility standards for your website. If you’d like to learn more or just keep up to date on the latest in accessibility news, make sure to subscribe to our blog.