International accessibility news roundup

Image: Christopher Michel

Image: Christopher Michel


At ALHAUS, we believe that everyone should have access to all of the great content you produce. That is why every month we put together a roundup of the latest and greatest developments in web accessibility.

Keeping up to date on these developments can help make sure that you are reaching the broadest audience possible with your web presence.

Here are the most important news stories covering web accessibility advancements from across the globe:

Recent verdict strengthens the growing need for websites to increase accessibility to disabled individuals (GBS Law)
Garvey Schubert Barer

A recent case in a Florida federal district court shows that businesses need to start complying with Title III of the ADA online. The case, Gil vs. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc, confirms that websites with public interaction will be considered places of public accommodation and are therefore subject to the rules of the ADA. The articles also highlights different ways that businesses can comply with Title III to avoid the possibility of similar litigation. 

Accessibility no worry For website security (Market Wire)

Developers are concerned that accessibility compliance may impact online security. However, with the latest WCAG 2.0 guidelines and utilising the same security measures they used in the initial development of the website, developers can easily meet accessibility needs and maintain a high level of security. The Bureau of Internet Accessibility has offered guidance and support on security to developers implementing accessibility. 

UK retailers still failing to meet web accessibility standards (eConsultancy)

Chris Rourke

After a report issued last year by the BBC stating retailers in the UK were missing out on £249bn in sales because of the lack of accessibility, it seems they haven’t made the necessary improvements. A review of the top online UK retailers shows that there are several improvements that need to be made to ensure accessibility. Retailers should audit their sites and follow the WCAG 2.0 guidelines to improve their accessibility.  

Judge wants DOJ's views on website accessibility for blind users (National Law Journal)
Erin Mulvaney

In a recent trial against two major pizza companies for lacking website accessibility for customers with vision impairment, a judge has asked the US DOJ for recommendations. Though the US DOJ has stated that websites need to be compliant with the ADA, there haven’t been formal communications on what businesses are required by law to do. The trial is pending based on the US DOJ’s response about these definitions. 

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