International accessibility roundup


You work hard creating the best content on the web, so everyone should be able to access it readily.

At ALHAUS, we believe the best way to ensure that everyone can enjoy your great content is by educating people about inclusivity.

So every month we collect the best news stories about internet accessibility from around the world to help you understand the latest and great developments. Here is our accessibility roundup for this month. 

EPUB accessibility 1.0: New opportunities for authors, publishers, and readers (DBW)

Kevin Callahan

Accessibility offers both equal and economic opportunities in the arts. By thinking about books and reading differently in the modern era, we can expand readership to people who do not have access to print materials. With EPUB Accessibility 1.0, all readers will be able to access print materials if developers work to create accessible publications.

Entrepreneurs lead the way in accessible travel (Global Accessibility News)

CNN Business Traveler recently profiled two entrepreneurs whose innovations have helped inspire them to create new opportunities for travel. These opportunities have allowed people who otherwise had no access the ability to travel, while simultaneously helping boost sales for the tourism industry.

Bringing publications to the web: First steps (W3C)

Tzviya Siegman

Recently, the Publishing Working Group, Business Group, and Interest Group met for a two-day face to face at the Adobe office to discuss how to integrate accessibility tools into EPUB. The meeting was very successful and helped begin the process to making online publications such as eBooks accessible to everyone. You can read the full transcript from the two-day meeting in the link above. 

A court verdict raises the pressure for website accessibility (Associations Now)

Ernie Smith

Last month, a federal judge in Florida issued a verdict in favor of a customer who had sued the grocery chain Winn-Dixie, claiming it violated the Americans With Disabilities Act because the site was not accessible for the blind or vision impaired. This landmark case proves the value of creating accessible websites. When looking at your own website, there are some basic guidelines to follow to ensure that you are offering your content to everyone.

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