International accessibility news roundup


At ALHAUS, we believe that everyone should have equal access to the great content you produce. That is why every month, we offer the latest updates in accessibility news from across the world.

With technology constantly changing, internet accessibility is always improving. We want to help make sure all of our clients are kept up-to-date on the latest developments – so everyone has a chance to engage in your content.

Here are the latest articles on international accessibility from around the web for this month:

Web content accessibility guidelines 2.1 first public working draft

Joshue O’Connor

The Accessibility Guideline Working Group has announced the first working public draft of new accessibility guidelines. The guidelines, WCAG 2.1, build on existing guidelines with new protocols for small screen devices, for users with low vision and to help users with cognitive and learning disabilities. Approved in January 2017, these guidelines are now available for web designers to implement and will vastly improve internet accessibility worldwide.

WWW2017 and W3CX WEBDEV contests at Perth’s festival of the web

Marie-Claire Forgue

The World Wide Web conference took place in Perth, Australia between April 2-7, 2017. Attendees were able to participate in three competitions including web audio visualization, CSS swan, and HTML5 game. These contests helped accessibility coders show off their skills and gain international recognition, ensuring the conference was fun as well as informative for participants.

Assistive technology conference AT Topia in Sharjah

Global Alliance on Accessible Technology and Environments

The Global Alliance on Accessible Technology and Environments held their accessibility conference in Sharjah, UAE. The conference provided participants the opportunity to network with other accessibility developers and increase accessibility awareness worldwide. The conference took place March 9-11, 2017 and was organised by Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services.'s /enable website is a winner

John M. Williams

Microsoft has launched a new website section dedicated to helping people understand accessibility technology. It includes a list of assistive technologies and how they can help people with internet accessibility. The website is essentially a guide for everything you need to know to ensure everyone has equal access and it is very comprehensive. So make sure you take some time to check it out at to learn how you can empower your readers.

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