International accessibility news roundup


At ALHAUS we believe that everyone should have equal access to all the great information and services online.

As digital technology becomes more important to our daily lives, it’s crucial that content managers think about ensuring that everyone can access their website’s content.

In order to promote the cause of accessibility and help make sure everyone has equal access we provide a monthly news roundup in the latest and greatest developments in Internet accessibility.

Here are the most important news stories from all around the globe this month:

Website accessibility - An introduction to the problem and best practices for education agencies and schools

Adam Konstas

Recognising that many schools in America have accessibility boundaries, more schools need to implement accessibility features when designing their websites. Educational websites need to be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust in order to meet the accessibility needs of all students. These best practices will enable schools to meet the standards set by the American Disability Act.

W3C and OGC put more spatial (and space-born) data on the web


W3C and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) have collaborated to make it easier to share and manipulate data. By implementing a modular architecture, information from satellite imaging, large scale scientific monitoring, industrial and household infrastructure, citizen observers, and the Web of Things will be more accessible. They have also published a best practices guide to help people implement these new features.

The technology sector could make or break disability inclusion

Catherine Cheney

The technology sector has prioritised products over people and as a result has not met disability needs. Advocates for disability rights have begun pressuring major technology groups in Silicon Valley to adopt more accessibility features in their platforms. Many technology companies have responded but there remains some complex and nuanced barriers to full inclusion. If technology companies cannot overcome these barriers, they will be working against the values of equality they support.

That’s it for this month’s roundup of accessibility news stories. Remember to check out ALHAUS’ blog for more information about how you can make your content more accessible.