International accessibility news roundup


As the internet grows, the global audience gets bigger everyday. However, even with this larger outreach, many users may not be able to access all of the available information online. There are many reasons for this but accessibility isn't defined by just ability or disability anymore. Users are blessed with a multitude of devices, browsers and platforms to choose from to suit their personal ability or lifestyle.

As information providers, it's our responsibility to ensure that the content we create is as accessible on as much of today's technology as possible.

To promote awareness for the growing need for accessibility, we provide a monthly roundup of the latest news and information to keep you up-to-date on this important process. Here are the best new reports about internet accessibility from around the web:

Avoiding litigation: Is your website accessible to visually, hearing impaired? (Daily Business Review)

Steven Solomon and Anastasia Protopapadakis

With an increase in accessibility claims, attorneys Steven Solomon and Anastasia Protopapadakis provide advice for how companies can avoid litigation. By modifying your website to accommodate the visual and hearing impaired, you can not only avoid costly lawsuits but can reach a broader audience.

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New era for disability rights (Inside Higher Ed)

Carl Strumsheim

After a recent lawsuit against Miami University in Ohio, more universities are working with advocacy groups to overhaul their online presence to meet accessibility needs. The lawsuit against Miami University was just one of many that will hopefully inspire more colleges to implement online accessibility standards so all students can have equal access.

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Does your bank’s website violate the ADA? (JDSupra)

Bryan Dumesnil, Austin Muck, Annette Tripp, and G. Waverly Vest

In the last few years, there has been a surge in claims against banks that do not provide accessibility for their patrons. Under the ADA, banks are considered places of “public accommodation” so they need to make sure that they are meeting the needs of the entire population. Banks should contact their third party providers to upgrade their systems now to meet these needs, rather than leave themselves open for lawsuits.

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MoI website to have features for people with disabilities (Gulf Times)

Qatar Ministry of the Interior

After the implementation of new accessibility features, the Qatar Ministry of the Interior (MoI) has received an accommodation from the Qatar Assistive Technology Center (Mada), a disability advocacy group. Mada praised the MoI for meeting a full range of accessibility needs and providing online services to meet the needs of every citizen in Qatar.

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What to know about website disability claims (Rumberger, Kirk, & Cadwell)

Jacey Kaps, Sally Rogers Culley, Nicole Sieb Smith, and Stella S. Chu

Disability claims have increased against companies with a web presence. Currently the United States Department of Justice has not provided clear guidelines on Internet accessibility, so businesses are left exposed to claims. However, if you follow the guidelines established by the ADA, this can help businesses to avoid accessibility claims.

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At ALHAUS, we believe in making sure that your content is accessible to everyone regardless of ability. If you are interested in improving the accessibility of your website, we can help you implement a great strategy so you never miss an opportunity to connect with a new reader. So contact us today to learn more about our accessibility services!