International accessibility news roundup


The online world and the world of online website content and editorial services continues to grow and evolve on a regular basis. Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest developments in the industry to see just what’s going on and how it may affect your business or your online efforts.

These days, accessibility is about so much more than ability or disability. The digital age and developments in technology have created a much fairer playing field where that's concerned. But it does mean that not all content is created equal - it has to work much harder to be accessible to every user regardless of the tech or device they choose to use.

We're planning to bring you some of the articles and links worth checking out on the subject of accessibility each month. In this issue, the stories are mainly about US laws and developments but offer an insight for businesses everywhere.

Web accessibility regulations delayed ( 

Tasos C Paindiris and Eliza L. Lloyd

Recently, the US Government has moved to make sure that web content can be easily accessed by those with disabilities. It’s a move that has been steadily creeping through the court system, but recently has been held back and delayed yet again. Revisions are apparently taking place which will help clarify certain issues within the proposal. Time will tell what the specifics of this new accessibility regulation will entail.

Website accessibility: Ten things school districts should know (

Christina Samuels

Website accessibility is something that should be a right for everyone, and in particular today’s students. This article reviews ten of the key things that school districts should know about the subject and how it impacts their operations now and in the future.

San Francisco Federal Credit Union leads the way to transform online banking (

Steven Stapp

Today, the internet plays such a major role in the way that the world operates that it’s often taken for granted. But as this article discusses, banks are beginning to take steps to ensure better accessibility for all users – including those with visual impairments.

Accessible ICT keeps the gateway to employment open (

Katarina Klenner

The Americans with Disabilities Act covers website accessibility and the way that technology is exploding means that it’s harder than ever to keep up with those advancements as a person with disabilities. But as this article discusses, finding employment through internet portals is a key focus of accessibility programs today, and something more companies are focusing on.

These are some of the standout articles in the world of online content and the way accessibility is impacted by it. Things are changing in a big way, and it’s well worth keeping a close eye on accessibility developments in order to ensure your website content is accessible to everyone. Our team can help you make sure that’s the case, so contact us today to find out more.