How to publish content outside of your expertise


Building a strong brand requires you to become a subject matter expert. So most of your content will focus on the niche industry of your business. However, there are some huge advantages to publishing content that is outside of your particular knowledge-base but is still relevant to your overall brand.

Here is an easy guide on how to publish content outside of your expertise so you can broaden your audience.

Advantages to publishing content outside of your expertise

Most niche content creation is targeting a very specific audience, however if you add a broader base of topics, you will be able to reach a larger audience of readers. This helps you connect with readers who may not need your products or services at the time, but will create the brand awareness so that when they do need them, they will think of your company. Plus, by expanding your subject matter, you won’t end up repeating the same content over and over again. This will help keep your readers engaged and constantly coming back to your website for more information.

Tips for publishing content outside of your expertise

It may be intimidating to get started publishing material outside of your expertise. So here are some tips to get you started:

●    Do your research: Think about related topics and then find out what is trending in those areas. From there, do some reading on the subjects, so that you can write in-depth, informative pieces. If you are looking for a great resource to find out what’s trending, check out Buzzsumo. They track articles all across the internet and provide in-depth analysis of their performance for free.

●    Look to your employees: Your employees are a great resource. Many have worked in other fields, have degrees in related fields, or just have an interest in a topic you might want to cover. So approach your employees with the opportunity, you may be surprised with how much they can contribute. 

●    Host a guest writer: Find an influencer in the area you want to cover and invite them to contribute content to your webpage. Not only will this bring fresh topics, but you will also get the benefit of their dedicated audience which will increase your traffic.

Hire a content specialist

Content specialists, like our staff at ALHAUS, have a range of expertise and can help you come up with some great content outside of your expertise. Plus, we know exactly how to make content to ensure your website has better performance. So if you are looking to broaden your company’s reach, think outside of your niche, and contact us to see how we can help!