How to pick a topic for an infographic your followers will want to share



Infographics are an ideal way to easily disseminate your content online. They communicate a lot of information quickly and are easily shared. If you are ready to make your first infographic, here are some design tools we love to get you started. Once you’ve picked your tool, you’ll have to determine your topic. This can present a bit of a challenge, but with a few tips you’ll be on your way:

Define your audience

With any content, you need to first establish your audience. Are they current customers that you’d like to bring back? Are they people who are highly informed on your subject matter? What information would be valuable to them and their network?  

Answer an important question

One of the best ways to make sure your infographic is truly informative is to answer an important question. Ask yourself what does your audience really need to know about your products, services, or industry? Think about the questions that people often ask your customer service representatives. You can also review your company FAQs for ideas. 

Keep it relevant to current trends

Connecting your infographic to trending topics can really help you get shares. Think about the hot topics in your industry as well as what’s popular in the current culture. How can you capitalise on these things?

When in doubt, upcycle

If you’re having a bit of writer’s block, go back through your successful content. Review your five most popular blogs, social media posts and images. Can any of these be turned into an infographic?

Remember when you create your infographic, you’ll want to match the visual identity of your brand. Here’s a list of brands with engaging visuals our friends at TenFold collected to give you inspiration.

If you’re stuck, don’t worry—ALHAUS can help. Our content management experts can help you brainstorm the perfect topic for an infographic. We’ll also help you develop a strategy to get more social shares for your infographics. Contact us to learn how we can help!