How to optimise social videos on every platform for increased engagement


With the prevalence of mobile devices, video content is becoming more and more popular every year.

Video content also has a huge ROI. It boosts conversions and sales up to 80%, builds brand trust, and is easily shareable.

With these benefits, effective content management strategy should definitely include video content. 

One of the best ways to promote video content is on social media. However, every platform has different parameters. Making sure you optimise your videos for each platform will help increase engagement and build brand quality. Here is a guide for how to optimise videos for each major social media platform:

Facebook optimisation tips:

●    Facebook allows videos up to two hours in length.
●    Facebook allows a long list of video formats (Facebook)
●    Consider horizontal for desktop viewing and square and vertical videos to
optimise for mobile scrolling.
●    Even though videos autoplay, choose an attention-grabbing thumbnail for when connections are not strong
●    Plan for viewers to watch without sound


●    Twitter allows videos from one to 140 seconds long.
●    Twitter accepts .mov and .mp4 upload formats
●    Twitter also allows looping videos less than 6.5 seconds
●    Choose your thumbnail wisely


●    Instagram allows videos between three and 60 seconds long.
●    Instagram requires uploading through the app, so you will have to plan on using their editing and filtering features to create video
●    Instagram lets you easily convert 20 images into a video slideshow
●    Instagram requires the viewer to turn on sound, so plan for videos to be watched silently


●    SnapChat allows videos to be ten seconds long and they only last for 24 hours. 
●    You cannot load premade videos onto Snapchat, they will be live
●    Plan for viewers to watch the videos vertically
●    SnapChat offers a lot of filters, so think about what ones you may want to use before recording

Optimising your videos is just one piece of creating video content for social media. You’ll also need to define your goals, brainstorm your content, and measure your results (TenFold). At ALHAUS we can help with all of these things. We offer a wide variety of content management services to ensure your social media strategy works for you. Reach out to our friendly customer service representatives to learn more!