How to measure the success of your social media marketing campaign


There are many ways to craft an effective social media strategy (Tenfold).

However, to know if your social media marketing efforts are truly netting great results, you need to measure your success.

Here is an easy to guide to develop a system to determine if your social media campaigns are truly working for you.

Define what you mean by “success”

Start by setting achievable goals with tangible metrics for your campaign. Create a timeline of the campaign with clear milestones and deadlines. Determine the number of followers; page impressions; commenters; and shares you want. Then figure out how much website traffic; conversions; and brand awareness makes your efforts worthwhile. 

Use analytics to measure the effectiveness

Once you have your goals, you will need to use analytics to measure whether or not you are obtaining these goals. There are numerous tools you can use to gather data that interface with your website and social media platforms (Entrepreneur). With these, you will monitor engagement on the social media platform; track the traffic to your website; and any conversions. When the campaign is finished, you will create a report to measure against your goals. 

Evaluate, learn, and adjust

Measure your results against the time and money you spend creating the campaign to determine the value of the effort. If the campaign was a success, continue expanding your strategy with new content. If the campaign was not a success, reassess your efforts and make improvements.

Running successful social media campaigns can be a challenge sometimes. If you find that your company is just not reaching your goals, you may need help from an expert. At ALHAUS, our content management specialists can help you assess your current strategy and determine how to achieve more. Contact us today to learn about our social media services.