How to hire a great copywriter


Visual branding is a great way to draw in consumers but the written word is what will compel them to consider your product or services. Here is where the quality of content needs to shine. A great copywriter is aware of how crucial wording is to a company’s brand.

You’ll want to find someone who can write in the voice of the company and represent what you do in an engaging fashion.

There are several resources available to find a copywriter so here are some tips to help you find an excellent one.

  • Get specific: While it is nice to have a copywriter that can adapt to anything, you’ll want to look for one that has specific knowledge about your area of business. Knowing the jargon and who the target audience is will play a large role in creating effective content.
  • Ask to see previous work: This may take the copywriter time to dig up but ask them to provide an example of their work that shows content before and after they worked on it. You’ll want to see how effectively the copywriter was able to capture the previous client’s brand.
  • Provide a trial run: It will cost you compensation for the copywriter’s time but a trial is a great way to assess the writer’s talent and skill. Depending on your needs, set up a short test, then ask them to make some changes based on your feedback. This will help you determine if they take direction and criticism well.
  • Evaluate their recommendations: A good copywriter will want to know all about what your needs are and adjust their writing in a way that best promotes your product or services. A skilled copywriter will also be able to make recommendations that take your brand and their past experiences into consideration. Determine a good from great copywriter by whether or not they ask questions.
  • Ask questions: You want your copywriter to ask questions about your brand, products, and the direction you would like to see but you should also ask them some questions. Ask them about the categories they like writing for and experiences that have challenged them.

A copywriter can come from professional recommendations or through an internet search. In either case make sure you have references and that you are just as prepared as they are. You can always count on ALHAUS to provide exceptional copywriting. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your copy shine!