How to get more from your marketing efforts on Instagram


Instagram recently released a new update that allows you to schedule posts in advance (Tech Crunch). Though the new update does not extend to ads, now social media scheduling applications partnered with Facebook or Instagram like Hootsuite or SocialFlow can be used to schedule posts.

This new update now facilitates the ability for marketers to really develop an effective Instagram marketing strategy. Here are some tips on how to get more from your Instagram marketing efforts now that this feature is available. 

Schedule your posts at optimal times

Now that you schedule posts to Instagram through these automation tools, you can schedule your posts to be published at the ideal times to get the most traffic. Though there is some debate about when these times are, most experts generally agree that Mondays and Thursdays at 2am, between 8-9am, and a 5pm will get the most traction. It is also recommended that you post around seven times per week.

Use Instagram Insights for targeted information

Instagram Insights is a service available to business profiles through Instagram. This program can track impressions, reach, website clicks, profile views, and followers. When you create a business account, you’ll also need a Facebook page for your business. Once you have your business account setup you’ll have access to Instagram Insights. You can access this at the top of your Instagram profile page by clicking the icon that looks like a bar graph. 

Determine your content strategy

Once you have your automation tools, scheduling, and Instagram Insights set up, you can begin determining your content marketing strategy. Instagram is different than other social media platforms because it is visually based. So you’ll need to think about ways to convey your brand message through images, videos, and infographics. Here are some brands that have a great visual presence to inspire some ideas on how to get started (TenFold). Then make sure that you are taking advantage of hashtags to help potential customers find you. An easy way to get started is to repurpose the visual content that you’ve already created. 

Once you get your content strategy going, you’ll be able to use Instagram Insights to track your success and adjust your post scheduling so that you are truly successful. If you’d like to learn more about how to develop a content management strategy for Instagram, contact ALHAUS. We can help you develop your posting calendar and content, as well as show you how to use the information provided by Instagram Insights to develop a really successful campaign.