How to create trust with your content


One of the primary functions of content is to create consumer trust with your brand. By publishing consistent, informative content, you can demonstrate your industry expertise and position your company as a thought leader, thus creating consumer trust.

Consumers who trust you are much more likely to engage with your brand; purchase your goods and services; become long-term customers; and recommend your company to others.

However, building trust in today’s market can be difficult because consumers are becoming distrustful of companies, advertising, and the credibility of online content. In order to build trust, you have to have a good content strategy. Here are some tips:

1. Be informative

The content you create should teach your audience about your products, services, company, and industry. The more knowledge a person has about something, the more comfortable they are engaging with it. Fostering this sense comfort by educating your audience is essential to building trust.

2. Showcase your personality

People trust authenticity. They are much more willing to trust a company if they can put a face with the brand. So let them get to know your unique personality by being open and honest about who you are as a company.

3. Personalise your content

It’s not just important to showcase your personality but to also get to know the personality of your customers. Mutual interest is the foundation of any relationship, including that of a business and their customers. Learn as much as you can about your customers and then target your content to meet their interests.

4. Listen to your customers

Once you have established the relationship, you need to also listen to your customers. Make sure that you facilitate feedback to your content through comments or other forms of engagement. Then respond to their feedback with new content.

5. Use social proof

“Social proof” is a term that means using other people’s content to build trust in your brand (One Page CRM). A great way to do this is to share content from other sources that relate to your industry. This helps customers know that you ultimately have their best interests at heart.

Building trust is an essential function of content management. If you are looking for other strategies to build trust and consumer confidence with your brand, or want to develop a strategy to engage customers and keep them, ALHAUS can help. Our content management experts at ALHAUS help you craft content that is informative; personalised; and responsive. Check out our services to learn more.