How new technology impacts content development


The world has seen significant developments with technology's innovations. Computers have become small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and communication has spread to encompass many forms. With these technological advances, consumers have become empowered. They have access to more information, can share their opinions, and hold companies accountable in ways they weren’t able to before.

Everything has changed – and will continue to change – as more developments in technology are made. Content development will need to evolve as well if companies want to stay competitive.

Standing out in the market

The challenge has been to stay creative and engaging as content merges with technology. Content development has been altered in the following ways:

  • Speed: Technological advances make connecting with your audience as fast as the push of a button. Advertisements and press releases can be published as soon as they can be written. This also means that audiences can connect with you faster – and they are expecting a response. Make sure you are prepared to answer their questions or concerns.
  • Relevance: Now that companies have access to analytic data describing their target audience, content writers can use this information to target specific groups of people. This allows for the content to be more personal and specific to all the different demographics of people that make up the audience you wish to reach.
  • Reach: Social platforms have given companies access to a global audience. Your content has the potential to reach millions faster than ever before. This is especially true thanks to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Merging technology and content effectively

Content management has had to evolve to merge with the new technology available in order to stay relevant and interesting to its audience (The Guardian). This means that content has to work with those who encompass other specific skill sets, such as web developers and data analysts. Social media experts can help keep your content relevant and up to date on trending topics, and assess how your target audience is engaging through the various platforms.

Content development has seen more than a few changes as technology has advanced. Audiences are better able to control the way they engage with companies and they are doing so in more ways than one. Television and newspaper ads have given way to digital ads and social media platforms. An effective content writer must be able to work well with technology. Make sure you are able to keep up by contacting our knowledgeable content managers at ALHAUS.