How AI will affect publishing in the future

Image: Judy Dean

Image: Judy Dean


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached the online publishing industry and it is taking it by storm.

In essence, AI is software with the ability to learn without a set of rules already in place. It’s a far cry from The Terminator but it is the beginning of some major changes that will impact publishing in the future. Developments in AI are already proving advantageous. 

Artificial Intelligence and the user experience

The key to creating relationships with users that keeps them coming back is getting personal. AI gathers data and serves as a butler to a user’s interests. The user can input information about themselves and their interests through a series of prompting questions and AI collects the information. AI can also keep track of web pages and articles the user selects so that it can start to learn what type of content the user is interested in seeing and provide it. The ads that the user sees would also be tailored to their needs based on the data collected by AI. 

AI benefits the publisher in more ways than one

AI not only provides users with a personalised and unique experience on your website but also keeps track of analytics for you. It keeps track of user, activity, behaviour, and engagement and with that information, it can perform rules-based targeting and A/B testing as soon as needed to make changes based on the new data (Boomtrain). As a result, AI could save publishers time and money.

What will AI bring next

In the immediate future, publishers who are not taking advantage of AI will have a very hard time keeping up with publishers who are. AI will be able to provide the user with a much more meaningful experience that creates a relationship to the publisher’s brand. The future of AI seems limitless and the time to join is fast approaching. 

The overwhelming benefits to users alone make AI worth taking a look at. Add in the benefits to publishers to employ AI on their websites and it’s definitely worth acquiring. In the meantime, you’ll still want to produce quality content for your users. ALHAUS content managers are knowledgeable about what the future has in store and how to ensure you’re prepared for any new developments it has to offer. Contact us today to make sure you’re prepared.