Storytelling through wine: Gut Oggau

Row of wine bottles with illustrated faces on the labels

The wines of Gut Oggau have in recent years created something of a stir throughout the world of natural wine. Situated in the region of Burgenland in Austria, they farm biodynamically and produce only naturally fermented wines—without any use of fertiliser, pesticides, or other chemicals.

Since 2007, Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck together with her husband, Eduard Tscheppe, have made some of the most interesting and delicious natural wines on the market—but it’s the story behind the wine and its label design that appeals, as much as the contents of the bottle.

Stephanie and Eduard found their wines to be so full of life, each so unique in character and personality, that they wanted to transfer the personality onto the labels. “We describe the wines as if they are people, and then a friend of ours creates faces according to the personal profile and draws the labels,” Stephanie explains.

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